Festival Services

Festival Services

Ottawa is home to some of Canada’s largest festivals, fairs and exclusive events. Over the past 7 Years TOERSA has become Ottawa’s leading event security company. Our Current contracts include The RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, TD Jazz Festival, The Tim Hortons Dragon Boat Festival and many other large scale festivals and special events around Eastern Ontario.

Stage Security

Whether you are hosting an event or concert, the protection of artists or keynote speakers is paramount. In addition, it is important to properly monitor the safety of event participants. Our experienced Stage Security Team is trained to provide professional security while acting as the physical separation between patrons and on-stage personalities. They are trained to notice patrons that may be suffering from heat stroke, exhaustion or other medical conditions. Such patrons are immediately removed from the crowd and provided medical attention in a less congested environment. The Security Team is also trained to monitor the facial expressions and body language of patrons in order to stay current on changes to the environment. This proactive approach allows the Team to prevent incidents like a breach of the physical barrier or disturbances within the crowd.

Site & Perimeter Security

Whether you need help keeping unauthorized personnel out of construction zones and vacant lots or promoting safety during crowded events, our trained security staff can help reduce your liability and save you money. Our guards are trained to notice changes in the work environment. We take a proactive approach in an effort to prevent problems. To ensure customer satisfaction, we aim to resolve issues before they escalate and become a problem.

Gate Access Control

Revenues from admission are another major source of income for events, concerts, shows, and festivals. Qualified security guards posted at points of entry help to ensure that patrons gaining access to the site possess proper tickets, identification passes or other admission credentials. Further, the control of which objects are permitted to be brought into the building or site is essential to the safety of patrons. Proper screening at access points will help prevent weapons, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, and other objects from being brought into the site. Ultimately, effective access management systems are important to the success of an event.

Security Patrols

Security patrols is an essential part of festival security operations. Patrols are the main line of defense in and around the festival grounds. They respond to emergency calls, deter underage drinking, and ensue the safety of both staff and patrons. TOERSA’s patrols have years of experience, appropriate training and are able to deal with any situation that may arise.P

Undercover Surveillance

When dealing with thousands of patrons, it is always difficult for security guards to keep an eye on everything. Many times when security is visible patrons go out of their way to hide if they are doing something that they should not be doing. (i.e. Underage Drinking) To combat this, TOERSA has assembled and trained a group of undercover surveillance agents that blend into the crowd and see the many things that patrons go out of their way to hide.

Alcohol Control

The service of alcohol is often the most profitable aspect of events and festivals. Unfortunately, the risks associated with this service are often the greatest. TOERSA Security specializes in on-site enforcement of the responsible service of alcohol by handling alcohol related issues at events and festivals with certified staff to reduce the risk and liability of serving alcohol.

Parking & Traffic Control

Often dealing with thousands of patrons also require high traffic control. At TOERSA Security, we work closely with the authorities to make sure the flow of traffic of both pedestrians and automobiles are safe and secure.